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1. One syllable adjectives: cheap
Comparative: add --er (cheaper) Superlative: add --est (the cheapest)

2. One syllable adjectives ending in 'e': nice
Comparative: add --r (nicer) Superlative: add --st (the nicest)

3. One syllable adjectives ending in consonant - vowel - consonant: hot
Comparative: add consonant + er (hotter)
Superlative: add consonant + est (the hottest)

4. Two syllable adjectives ending in 'y': happy
Comparative: replace y with --ier (happier) Superlative: replace y with --iest (the happiest)

5. Two or more syllable adjectives: beautiful
Comparative: add more / less (more / less beautiful)
Superlative: add the most / the least (the most / least beautiful)

6. Irregular adjectivesgood - better - the best
bad - worse - the worst
far - further - the furthest

Functions and examples

1. We use comparatives to compare two things.John is thinner than Bob.
It's more expensive to travel by train than by bus.
My house is smaller than my friend's house.

2. We use superlatives to compare one thing with the rest of the group it belongs to.John is the tallest in the class.
He's the best football player in the team.
This is the most expensive hotel I've ever stayed in.

3- We can repeat comparatives to say that something is changing.
These exams are getting worse and worse every year.
She gets more and more beautiful every time I see her.

AS... AS

1- We use as + adjective + as or as + adverb+ as to say that two things are similar in some way.
He's as tall as me. (as+adj+as)
Jim's car is as fast as mine.

He runs as fast as me. (as+adv+as)
She sings as well as her sister.
The little boy speaks English as fluently as his brother.

2- We use not to say that two things are different in some way.He's not as tall as me. I am taller than him.
Jim's car is not as fast as mine. My car is faster.
She does not sing as well as her sister. Her sister sings better.
The little boy cannot speak English as fluently as his brother. His brother speaks English more fluently.


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